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Sandhill has moved to our brand new location - effective October 23rd, 2006.

New Address:
Sandhill Book Marketing Ltd.
Unit #4 - 3308 Appaloosa Road
Millcreek Industrial Park
Kelowna, BC V1V 2W5

New Fax Number: 250-491-4066
New Main Phone Number: 250-491-1446

Toll Free Order Phone and Email are unchanged...
Email: info@sandhillbooks.com
Website: www.sandhillbooks.com

Welcome to Sandhill Book Marketing...

Welcome to the Sandhill on-line book catalogue! We are a trade book distribution company established in 1984 and have since grown to become the most recognized supplier of independently published Canadian books in the industry. As a reader, we invite you to browse our many special interest categories and to search our books out at a bookstore nearest you.

We have included a sampling of bookstores on this site, but please also consult your local listings. For more information, please contact us at info@sandhillbooks.com. For retailers, we also stock Whitecap Books and Theytus Books. For Whitecap’s on-line catalogue, visit www.whitecap.ca. Enjoy!

Featured Titles

Shelley Adams

It's a "Buy" cookbook according to both Anna & Krisina of the Grocery Bag Show on the OWN channel!

If you wa.. more info

Book CoverThe Boy Who Paints

Richard Cole & K. Jane Watt
This beautifully designed children's book is about a boy becoming an artist. The boy loves to paint, and he paints all the time, even when his mother nags at him to stop. But somethin.. more info
Book CoverTax Me I'm Canadian!
A taxpayer's guide to your money - and how politicians spend it
Mark Milke
In this smartly argued and witty account of how politicians spend our tax dollars, Mark Milke explores that other certainty in life be.. more info
Book CoverThe Butcher, The Baker, the Wine and Cheese Maker
An Okanagan Cookbook
Jennifer Schell

.. more info

Book CoverWhat Was I Thinking?
Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo
Pamela Roy Bendall
At one time, Pamela Bendall enjoyed a high profile professional life that afforded her the luxuries of a sexy sports car, a taste for .. more info
Book CoverOff the Couch and Out the Door
Finding Meaning in Midlife, One Adventure at a Time
Bob Foulkes
Somewhere around middle age, inspired by his children and determined to overcome a life characterized by stress, ennui and more than one bad habit, Bob Foulkes sets out on his first b.. more info